Looking Up


When I took an early afternoon break, this was the view. I was lying on my back near the back corner of the house. It was a rare blue sky in Chattanooga. I’m on Spring Break this week and I had been on my feet since breakfast.

The branches on the left with leaves at the tips are fig. The tree is next to the south facing brick wall so it gets maximum heat. Its also near a downspout and a former compost pile. The heat, moisture, and organic matter keep it productive. Behind the grape arbor are three forsythias along the property line at the top of the hill. Between the forsythias and the arbor is a redbud. Under the arbor is a plastic bucket I had just mixed concrete in. One of the things I had been working on was anchoring the bench level of the arbor.

To the right of the wooden arbor is a metal structure that may look like a bed frame. It has that look because it is actually a bed frame that I plan to use as a trellis. There is a Reliance grape vine planted under it. It is the one seedless grape that I have. My hope is that it grows to the top of the trellis this year, then grows arms next year. Behind it are a crepe myrtle and and a dogwood still looking bare.

The branches top right are a plum. This may be its final year. For several years it produced well, but the past two years all the fruit has dropped before ripening. Also back there is my neighbor’s house. The white object bottom right is my sock. My feet were resting on a pile of leaves that will soon be used as mulch when the potatoes emerge. Its a foot selfie. And I’m thinking I’ll take a shot from here the last week of each month.



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