Strawberries Coming Early

May is normally when most strawberries ripen here. The mild winter and early spring has these ahead of usual. Expect strawberries to be showing up at local farmer’s markets soon.

Small garden patches produce a lot of food for birds if not protected with netting. The inverted bottles on pieces of rebar are supporting the netting. Rocks weight the netting down to keep the birds from going under.

Being soft fruits, strawberries are always near the top of the list of foods with the most chemical residue. Right now the effort to grow my own is looking worthwhile. They are tasty, organic, and not far from the door. Jam, shortcake, pie, and smothies will be happening here in coming weeks.



5 thoughts on “Strawberries Coming Early

  1. Congrats on your Strawberries they look yum:) nothing beats the taste of your own homegrown fruit and veggies!! Love the idea of the bottles upside down. I think l’m going to give that a go. Have a great day, Happy Gardening:)

      • Hey, I don’t have many berries. I only have raspberries and strwaberries. My blueberry bush which l planted two years ago died, but l was very excited a few weeks ago to see my very first GOJI berry on my tree l planted this from seed two years ago. They can take up to 10 years to fully produce but it was very exciting to see one the first.
        Have a great day, Happy Gardening:)

      • Your blueberry dying is likely because your soil is not extremely acidic and that is good for growing just about everything else. Blueberries thrive for me but the down side is the soil needs a lot of amendment to grow everything else. Enjoy the Gojis.

      • Thanks for your advice on the blueberries. Soils types and conditions are defiantly something l need to learn so much more about. l must admit l will give anything a go once even if l know l probably shouldn’t. A lot of trial and error around here but l think that’s how l learn. I’m really looking forward to a goji crop, they are wonderful little berries. A Superfood l believe:)
        Happy Gardening:)

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