Look of a Good Spring

Little pears have set. Apples are in full bloom. The lowest temperatures expected in the 10 day forecast are well above freezing. It looks like a good season for fruit on this hillside.

The year’s grape, strawberry, and fig harvests are looking to be good. After two down years for figs, it looks very promising. That lush green look of the new leaves won’t last, but nearly everything is looking good at this time of year.


But, there will be no Winesaps this year. Two year ago I harvested a nice crop. Last fall as I was harvesting the few small apples it produced, I saw that it only had bark around 2/3 of the trunk. It suffered from Fire Blight and Apple Scab. Organic apples are not likely to be long lived in this warm humid climate. This tree was just a teenager. Now I have some limbs that I can decide if I want to use for a hugelkultur bed, growing mushrooms, or firewood.


One thought on “Look of a Good Spring

  1. I am having trouble with my apple trees. I have two. I am seriously considering cutting them down and doing the same as you….hugelkultur bed! I have a couple of felled trees I am doing that with. Good luck with the rest of your garden! 🙂

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