Slow Berry Good Breakfast

This morning’s breakfast started coming together last fall when I set out some strawberry plants from runners. Now the sun is coming up on a beautiful day that is off to a great start.


My first thought was that I would make pancakes with the buttermilk I had cultured overnight a couple of days ago. Buttermilk is the easiest dairy culture to make. Just mix 3 parts milk with one part live culture buttermilk and let it set on the counter until thickened and soured. It takes 12-24 hours. No heating of milk to pasteurization temperature is required as it is when making kefir or yogurt.


But before I got to the kitchen I remembered that our last eggs were scrambled for yesterday’s breakfast. Even though I am not the usual biscuit maker in the house, I decided to make them. My wife makes great buttermilk biscuits, but she leaves for work an hour before I do so am the weekday breakfast maker. She uses a round cutter to make the traditional Southern buttermilk biscuit may be served with sausage and gravy or jelly.

I just cut mine into squares and saved rerolling the leftover pieces from cutting rounds. Using freshly cultured buttermilk and real  organic butter resulted in a great buttery flavored biscuit. And using only organic dairy products also means I’m not financing the use of pesticides that kill bees. It feels right and tastes great. They didn’t look bad either.


While they baked, I washed, stemmed, and sliced the garden strawberries and mixed with a bit of sugar to draw out the juice. When making scones, biscuits, or traditional strawberry shortcake its important not to overwork the dough. Made from scratch with quality ingredients beats Bisquick or refrigerated doughs easily. Taking the time to do it right has rewards.

The recipe I followed is from a classic Betty Crocker cookbook for buttermilk biscuits. The recipe for shortcake in that cookbook is the same except for the addition of a tablespoon of sugar. We split them with a fork and topped each open half with juicy sliced berries and topped with creamy kefir. Freshly baked biscuits, strawberries, cream, and coffee got the day off to a great start.

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