May Peas and Potatoes

The end of May?

The end of May.

The season for outdoor everything is well under way.

Since my last post I’ve said good by to students for the summer. I’ve also been blessed with a second grandchild.  Franny arrived and is doing well.


In a year she will hopefully be finding things to eat all over Grandpa’s yard like her older brother does now.

My favorite peas are still Dwarf Grey Sugar. The edible pod flavor cannot be beat and the blooms are those nice looking purple/pink ones. On the right, they are on the plate after being sauteed with mushrooms in garlic butter. Fresh garden lettuce, pickled beets and boiled new potatoes complete a Chattanooga version of a Nicoise salad. If that’s an oxymoron too bad – it tasted good.

It has been a month for using garlic. We have a lot of last year’s left and the hot dry weather means this year’s will soon be coming in. But since I can’t think of anything I don’t like after being cooked in garlic butter, its not a problem.

Hopefully the long term forecast for a wet June will prove accurate. I’ve already run the soaker hose on my blueberries more than last summer. The look of the blueberries and figs could make for a very fruitful summer.

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