Free Garden Help


Frog alert! at the base of the fig cutting. I saw this spotted frog two days ago but got too close with the camera and it hopped to safety. I managed to get in range for the photo without spooking it today. The work this slimy critter does to keep insect populations under control is what I appreciate. I have also been hearing a noise similar to a dog barking coming from the side of the house where I have seen this frog. If this is a barking frog, it is way out of its normal range of Mexico and Arizona.

I also see a lot of blue tailed skinks around, but they are rarely in the posing mood. I need all the free help I can get in the garden. If only I could train one of these insect eaters to go for the flea beetles that have my eggplant leaves looking like lacework.

These buckets are free to me. But why would an organic grower use plastic? I have heard of BPA and I don’t use plastic in the microwave. Not all plastic is created equal. These buckets have the recycle code of 5 marked on the bottom. That is one of the plastics that apparently does not leach toxins. Baby bottles are made of the same material.

I painted the exterior and drilled drainage holes in the bottom. The cucumber and watermelon are off to a good start in these 4 gallon buckets. Once the plants are this size, I don’t plan to move the buckets. Roots may be coming out the bottom and I don’t want to sever them. Staying on good terms with the neighborhood cat lover who buys kitty litter in these buckets is how these buckets come to me at no cost.


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