Garden Variety Independence Day Color


The pear wine above is not quite as nice as some I’ve made. In the glass is the result after mixing with some frozen strawberries in the blender. Then it became a refreshing summer beverage for the holiday. The blueberries were just added to go with the white wine and red wine cooler to get the third color from the flag. Cheers, and hope you have had a great Independence Day.

And below shows something I like about America today. But it requires an explanation.


That is a good chicken salad my wife made. It is on some naan and mint chutney that I made. If we want to put together new and different foods we are free to do it. A white guy in his mid fifties can go to youtube and watch people whose ancestry is from India speak with American accents and show how to make Indian food. I know because I never made naan until a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know it involved brushing on enough butter to make Paula Dean happy, but now I do. We did eat most of the naan with a vegetable curry but had some left.

My ancestors came from the Netherlands in the 1800’s. During that century, nativists had a little rhyme that went “The Irish and the Dutch, oh they don’t amount to much”. A national holiday has this history teacher thinking about our country. This election year it appears we have an opportunity to make America hate again. And we also have an opportunity to keep the dream alive. Its a great country. We can eat and drink from the land we live on and pursue our dreams.


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