Garden to table to NYC

I’ve been away. In the middle of summer harvest season I took a break from gardening and preparing my own food. Just returned from New York City where we attended a matinee of the musical Hamilton. Above left is the actor who played Burr signing playbills after the show. My daughter got his autograph so it was a great week. The show is amazing. It didn’t win all those awards by being a lousy musical.

The right photo is what was left after I made a pilgrimage of sorts. The bag says Sullivan Street Bakery and we devoured the ciabatta before I thought of getting a shot of it. The bread I make regularly is from the recipe made famous by the head baker at this place.

It was a road trip for us and the photo above left I took at the Virginia Welcome Center on our way home. I thought it odd that this crepe myrtle had so few blooms when so many along the way were at their showy best. As I came closer I saw the reason: a Japanese beetle infestation. I had seen the dark glossy pests before but never in numbers like here. They hadn’t bothered the leaves, but they were all over every bloom and 90% of the flowers were gone.

The good news is that when we returned home, we saw no devastation like that. Multiple tasks were ready after being away. One of the first was to cover the Norton grapes above with netting. They are ripe enough for birds to enjoy or for jam making. But the wine will be much better if they get a little more hang time. Harvesting tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, figs and blueberries are other tasks I’ve attended to since returning. It was a nice time away and now its good to be back under my own vine and fig tree.


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