Sauce and Cider

A warning: trying the activity in this post would mean significantly less time spent either playing Pokemon or watching the Olympics. This is about apple preservation using methods that were available to my grandparents and I have grandchildren. I started with backyard apples.


These are Liberty Apples, a variety developed at Cornell for disease resistance. My growing method has been essentially organic by neglect. I didn’t do any thinning and that combined with a dry summer made for very small apples. The largest were smaller than a tennis ball. The dots are evidence of fruit worms. But they have a nice flavor from some Macintosh parentage.

I removed the blossom and stem ends, cut them in quarters and boiled them in a large pot with an inch of water at the bottom. Taking time to peel and core the little apples would have been even more time consuming. When they were soft, I forced them through what my mother called a sieve but my wife calls a ricer.IMG_20160802_153109139

This separated the seeds from the sauce and left this core and peel residue.


Before dealing with this leftover deliciousness, I added cinnamon to the sauce, reheated it and ladled it into sterilized jars. I got ten pints filled and processed them in a hot water bath. All the lids sealed so I have 10 pints of organic applesauce with no sugar added to enjoy in coming months.

Next it was cider time. I could have added the leftover gunk to the compost pile, but what fun is that?IMG_20160802_192043181

Instead, I wrapped the leftovers in an old cotton tee shirt. It is in the crock now along with a gallon of water about 1.25 lbs sugar and wine yeast. It has been bubbling nicely for several days so it is time to transfer it to a jug and put an airlock on it. In a few more weeks I’ll see if I have decent cider or something to let go to vinegar.

I’m sure I missed the opportunity to capture a lot of Pokemon in the time I spent on the sauce and cider. But until I download the app, I’ll never know how many.

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