Butterfly Burst

Pleasant surprises come along with growing your own food and drink. Yesterday, as I approached my compost pile that’s in the back corner of my lot, 15-20 butterflies burst into flight. Most of them were the spotted brown kind on the left, but there were two or three of the other two kinds as well. The red spotted purple is the only one I have a name for.

What attracted the crowd was the fermenting pears I had added to the pile the previous day. It will be months before  I know how the pear wine turns out, but the process has provided this unexpected butterfly gathering as an early benefit. I don’t know if the fermenting pears are the healthiest item the butterflies could be getting. But they seemed happy. And shortly after my appearance caused them to take off, they settled right back to have some more.


4 thoughts on “Butterfly Burst

    • I’ve made nice pear wine following a recipe from Jack Keller called “cooking pear wine”. But the year I substituted champagne yeast for the yeast recommended, it wasn’t as good. It can and did give a hint of gasoline to mild flavored wines or mead. Good luck on wild fermentation adventures.

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