What’s New Here for 2017

The New Year is coming with some changes that I’m looking forward to. My seed order from Baker Creek will be arriving in the next few days. Shallots, Armenian cucumbers,and Red Express cabbage along with other varieties I’ve grown before have been shipped. Later this month I’ll need to set up my grow table for the starts that I plan to be planting in the garden in March.


While there is nothing new about a meal of soup and bread with my sweet wife, we have new ways of preparing it and new reasons for having vegetarian soups like the one above. We have decided not to buy meat from CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) farms when we shop. Local free range and organic meats are not going to fit our budget regularly and we feel good about a choice that is healthier for us and the world. The new method that was part of this soup involved our home canned tomatoes. We didn’t remove the skins when canning the tomatoes. Before adding them to our soup we used our new immersion blender to make a quick tomato sauce. And in January we like soups that are all around warm so there is a bit of horseradish, jalepeno, and ginger root in the pea soup. No ham and still flavorful.

One other change for the new year: in case you are one of the few who may have bookmarked the site homeflavors.com, I no longer own that. homeflavorschattanooga.com is where the blog is now found.

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